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How to install Aluminum Windows and Doors

  • goldapple
  • 2017/05/09
  • 200
a series of Aluminum windows and doors profiles type
Engineering design must calculate and test the strength design. It’s wrong or even dangerous behavior that production, installation, acceptance only according to the standard atlas and type-testing reports provided by the manufacturer. The standard atlas is just lattice drawing of a series of Aluminum windows and doors profiles type, and does not indicate the load the specific profiles can bear, so it can not be used as the basis for acceptance, production and installation. The different series of Aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles must be checked or tested according to the principle of the most unfavorable state of the force.
Hardware accessories selection and configuration 
Pulleys for sliding doors and windows and anti-off sealing device. Pulley is the key to whether doors and windows can open and close smoothly. Anti-shedding sealer is to ensure the safety of the sash off, at the same time. it is equipped with the sealing function between the hook and the bilge logs. The lower sealing block work as the sealing function between hook and glide slope. Wool top is the sealing element between casement and window frame, which determines the quality of air tightness of doors and windows. Ordinary chemical fiber tops will curl when encounter with water, losing the sealing effect, thus silicified top become a must.
Flat hinged doors and windows hinges, handle, frame fan seal between the doors and windows are important accessories to ensure the quality. Hinge bearing capacity is related to the safety of windows and doors and key to shut it smoothly. Hinge bearing capacity is stronger than the friction hinge, so the hinge can be made by the larger grid sash while friction hinges only apply to the sub-grid smaller windows or hanging on the window. General handle is only applicable to the small sash, like sub-grid and load. European multi-point handle is applicable to large sash. The validity of original pvc adhesive tape lasts about 5 years.
Processing production
Processing production of aluminum windows and doors profiles should be carried out by the aluminium pipe manufacturers in the factory, but not in the construction site.
Processing drainage hole on the sideway of sliding window should follow the principle of the inner fan with outer hole or outer fan with inner hole to ensure the sealing performance of doors and windows.
Before assemble Aluminum windows and doors profiles should clear the end processing burr. End node and profile joint must take sealing measures, such as using waterproof glue, to prevent structural seepage.


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