Industrial Aluminum Cabinet Profiles for Furniture Industry

Speaking of aluminum windows and doors profiles, we are very familiar with but to speak of aluminum furniture. You may wonder what it is. With the popularization of environmental awareness and technological progress, many industries are gradually transform toward greenization. But wood had dominant in the construction industry, especially man-made sheet. These materials are not only a waste of trees.More importantly, they are containment for the environment and inevitable harm for us with the chemical composition inside the materials.
Aluminum profile is gaining its popularity among common people and Chinese aluminium profile manufacturers because of its readiness for recycling and eco-friendly characteristics.  Compared with other materials, all-aluminum furniture has high technology, little environmental pollution, and has realized “green” transformation.
timber fits the requirement of environmental protection
Aluminium cabinet with aluminum structure can be insured and recycled. Aluminium cabinet is made of aluminum structure, it is not afraid of water or tide which can be directly rinse with water and sanitated. 
Aluminum cabinet has a strong heat resistance, and it was tested that the temperature can withstand 200 ℃ without being destroyed. The surface will not suffer damage even after long burning, overcoming the shortcomings of general plate.
Aluminum cabinet is extremely hard. No pests, even termites can hurt it.
Aluminum cabinet has a strong impact resistance, the experiment proved it to be able to withstand 227g of the ball from the 3m at the drop without a destruction, it can bend strength of 150Mpa. Under normal conditions of use, its longevity can last for fifty years.
Aluminum alloy cabinets are made of industrial aluminum profiles and their plastic connections are processed  in the clean environment so the product have no smell off- smell.
Aluminum alloy cabinet is high-strength aluminum alloy with the wall thickness extended to 1.2. It does not absorb moisture and the temperature coefficient of expansion is small, so it will not deform.
Aluminum cabinets is easy to clean, it can be cleaned with detergent and water.
Aluminum alloy cabinet structure does not appear paste or thermal composite edge of the degumming separation problems like other common aluminum doors.
The surface hardness can reach to 10 degrees or more, ensuring that the product durability which will remain unchanged for decades.