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Action on Chinese Overcapacity

  • Chinese Overcapacity
  • 2018/05/21
  • 200

China’s illegal subsidies to producers of both primary aluminum and semi-fabricated aluminum products have resulted in significant overcapacity in the market, hurting the plants and people of the U.S. industry.


The Aluminum Association's Approach

Instead of across-the-board tariffs that could disrupt supply chains and undermine efforts to work with trading partners that share our concerns about China, the aluminum industry is proposing:

(1)Permanent, quota-free tariff exemptions for all countries designated by the Commerce Department as market economies;

(2)The creation of an aluminum import monitoring system to ensure that no unfairly traded metal is entering the United States;

(3)A continued tough stance on trade enforcement through targeted actions on products benefiting from illegal government subsidies;

(4)Immediate government-to-government negotiations with China to address the trade distorting practices that drive structural aluminum overcapacity.



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