Aluminium section for radiator

customized aluminium section for radiator,high-dissipation aluminium heat sinks utilize aluminium’s excellent natural heat conductivity properties. Extruded heat sinks are the most common heat sinks used for thermal management. Extruded heat sinks are usually supplied with a “finish”, such as anodizing, which can enhance its thermal performance. Our company holds global updated production equipment and quality inspection system, the surface processing include series of aluminium profiles that have been subject to the processes of mill finish, oxygenation, electrophoresis, polishing, powder spraying, PVDF, wet painting, wood grain transfer, thermal break and insulation. The efficiency of a heatsink is largely determined by its surface area so that a large number of fins with small spacings is desirable.It has many features: 1,High cooling performance due to the very large surface area of the fins and small spacing between the fins; 2, Favourable weight/performance ratio; 3, Low die costs; 4, Numerous possibilities to adapt the system to each use; 5, Many variations can be achieved by combining different base and fin sections; 6, Partial assembly of base section is possible across the width and the length.