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Aluminum decoration profiles

    Model Number: AE33-6063
  • Place of Origin: Guangxi, China
  • Brand Name: Gold Apple
  • Certification: ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO10012
  • Temper: T3-T8
  • Grade: 6000 Series
  • Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 tons after confirmed the samples
  • Thickness: >0.7mm
  • Length: 1-8M

Product Details

Item: extrusion aluminium profile for window profile

Material: aluminium alloy 6063 T5

Deep  Processing: cutting -punch hole-bending profile- -chamfer-welding-polish and so on

Size and color: can doing  any size and color,good at customized.

Features: light weight, high rigidity, corrosion resistance, beautiful color, industrial production.

Uses: the production of doors and windows, ceiling, partition keel, curtain wall.


1. Aluminum decorative panels: light, non-combustible, durable, easy construction, decorative effect is good. Can be used for interior and exterior wall surface decoration.

2. Aluminum alloy pattern plate: rust-proof aluminum alloy blank, cold-rolled pattern plate. Used for walls, stairs, pedals.

3. Aluminum superficial plate: to cold hardened after the aluminum surface of the basic surface to do the decorative pattern of decorative panels. Pattern chic, beautiful color, than ordinary aluminum plate stiffness increased by 20%. Anti-fouling, anti-scratch performance are improved. With three-dimensional pattern and beautiful colors, the light reflectivity of 75% to 95% (white), good corrosion resistance, with different colors of the shallow pattern.

4. Aluminum alloy pressure plate: for the wall, roof.

5. Aluminum perforated plate: noise reduction decorative panels, in the silence requirements of the various types of construction applications.

6. Special aluminum alloy building decoration products: railings, handrails, screens, grille, shade and so on.


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