Aluminum extrusion window frame unlike steel, aluminum can be extruded into elaborate designs and manufactured to meet stringent building product specifications. Given the dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality you’ll find with aluminum extrusions, it’s not surprising they are incorporated into or the basis of many residential and commercial building products.


For over 15 years, Goldapple has been creating custom aluminum extrusions for the aluminium extrusion suppliers. Among others, we design and fabricate aluminum extrusions for doors, windows, railings, curtain walls, skylights, ramps, balconies, heat sink, office partition, roller shutter, etc.

Whether you’re entering the market with a new product, or in need of a new partner to manufacturer and supply your existing components, GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP offers the expertise and capabilities you need to power your business to the next level. We help building product manufacturers and product designers:

* Fine tune their designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements

* Select the best alloy and temper for their product to meet all requirements

* Determine most cost effective fabrication techniques and tolerancing requirements

For building product companies looking for a true strategic partner with a proven track record supplying world-class, precision aluminum extrusions, look no further than GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP