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Aluminum heat sink section

  • 2018/01/15
  • 200

Silver anodized aluminium heat sink section. standard AA10 microns of anodizing film that is enough for corrosion resistance, but also to keep perfect surface treatment. In order to make better anodizing film to protect scratching, we can make 15 or 20 microns without problem. The extruded aluminum alloy motor shell has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation, beautiful surface, corrosion resistance, free cutting in the bore, etc. The aluminum heatsink section made from alloy 6063, temper T5, the tensile strength ≥160MPa,proof stress ≥110MPa,HW hardness ≥8.5

GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP provides further fabricating service as well, such as sawing, drilling, CNC machining, move spur etc. also providing special packaging requirement to keep away any damage during transportation. Carry out Chinese GB5237 and ISO standards to keep high quality management system. We persist the quality is our most important issue.

We also provides alloy 6005,6061 6063,6082,6463 and temper T4,T5 or T6 to client to choose, the clients provide drawings to make mould accordingly or tell us detail demands, we can design the aluminum heatsink extrusions too, when the clients approved our drawings and pay for mould cost, we will produce moulds and send samples to be confirmed.

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