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Aluminum prices will continue strong

  • goldapple-alu
  • 2018/06/12
  • 200

Shandong aluminium ingot production significantly reduced, aluminum water supply relatively tight. Shandong area aluminum production decrease, mainly aluminum water supply. Because aluminum water tends to sale in domestic market, the supply is relatively tight.In addition to the shandong, xinjiang and Inner Mongolia and other regions in most cost of electrolytic aluminium enterprises still face pressure, in a state of loss or profit management.Therefore put on the progress of new capacity is expected to continue to slow, at the same time, henan and other places of spare capacity and production will continue to delay the time.Short-term aluminium industry supply pressure is not big.

During the peak season good domestic demand, Shanghai compare with low overseas orders.Amid aluminum downstream demand season, domestic consumption is good, especially the industrial aluminum profile and automotive aluminum alloy orders is much better than the same period last year, the current demand situation will continue until at least June.In addition, the comparison result in low Shanghai, compared to the same quarter of the domestic aluminum exports overseas short-term difficult to significantly improve aluminum supply shortages, so domestic aluminum exports will continue to improve.





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