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aluminum profiles prices surge

  • goldapple
  • 2017/05/22
  • 200
Aluminum prices continue to rise strongly. Transport has been continuously hampered by cold weather and icy road. So inventories may continue to fall. The cost of alumina price surging, it’s reported that alumina price has been as high as RMB3,100/ton almost RMB4,200/ton.
In terms of inventory, the statistics of domestic electrolytic aluminum total 341,000 tons. Including 89,051 tons in Shanghai, 83,021 tons in Wuxi 9,310 tons in Hangzhou, in addition to a slight increase of 0.1 million tons in Shanghai. The rest of the region showed a downward trend in inventories. It leads to the price of aluminum profiles supplier  rising too.
Exchange inventories continue to decline, on 22nd, the aluminum inventories in SHFE fell by 2739 to 8359 tons. While the LME spot has turned gradually into premium, and inventories may come into China.
Guangdong aluminum billet processing fees continue to rise. In Guangdong region continued to rise to RMB320/ton to RMB451/ton. Because of the weather and transportation condition in Northwest Qinghai and Gansu transport problems. A large number of aluminum billets backlog and some aluminum billets factories are forced to reduce production leading to significant decline in aluminum billets supply and the enthusiasm of inventory in aluminum profiles factories.


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