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Aluminum shape for radiator

Alloy 6061 of customized Chinese aluminum extrusions shape for radiator. At present, the compact designs, relatively fragile power semiconductors generally require a one-piece aluminum extruded heat sink to limit their temperature rise and prevent premature failure. Our standard tooled extrusion heat sinks satisfy a broad range of semiconductor cooling needs, and can be used for most industry-standard semiconductor cases, including power modules, CPU and isolated flat-base devices. Extruded heat sinks are usually supplied with a surface treatment, such as anodizing, which can enhance its high-dissipation performance.

aluminum heat sink

A wide-base aluminum extruded heat sink has many features: 1,High cooling performance due to the very large surface area of the fins and small spacing between the fins; 2, light weight/performance ratio; 3, Low die costs; 4, Numerous possibilities to adapt the system to each use; 5, Many variations can be achieved by combining different base and fin sections; 6, Partial assembly of base section is possible across the width and the length.



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