aluminum windows and doors curtain wall

The winter construction of aluminum  curtain wall and windouws is the time when there are the most of engineering quality accidents happening. The invisibility and hysteretic nature of quality accidents are prominent and the timeliness of construction plan and preparation is very serious. 
The time and content of winter construction
According to the regulations of winter construction of construction works, you should enter the winter construction period when the daily mean temperature in outdoor has been below 6 degree Celsius for 7 days. 
The preparations for winter construction
The preparations for winter construction are the keys to success. The relevant departments must attach enough importance to the preparatory work. Before beginning the winter construction, the professions should be trained, and they also should learn the relevant knowledge and define own responsibilities.
The safety measures of the winter construction
The mechanical equipment which is not being used should be put aside in the warehousing to prevent the frost damage. Strengthening the security check and forbidding the huddling of materials which are in the construction site. If there are any inflammable goods, explosive goods and dangerous goods, the relevant departments should make rectification instantly and review promptly. The security department should organize a safety lecture for constructors to improve the safety awareness before the winter construction and take notes everyday for better preparations.