An Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Industrial aluminum profiles are a by-product usually for structural processes. They are used for several purposes where the quality and stiffness are not too important. On the contrary, a combination of both, along with other notable characteristics of the material is vital. Given these notable features of aluminum, such as conductivity, corrosion resistance, provide a wide range of uses in the industry to this by-product. Industrial aluminum profiles are increasingly popular in the industrial and construction domain because of their eco-friendly nature. The high recyclability rate of aluminum not only saves the environment but also proves to be light on the pocket.


GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is one of the leading CNC alloy construction aluminum profile manufacturers for architecture, rail vehicle structure, mounting aluminum profiles, and much more. Not only do we provide industrial aluminum profiles, but we also offer a wide range of surface treatment options such as oxygenation, powder spraying, mill finish, powder spraying, wood grain transfer, and much more. At  GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP, we take pride in the fact that we produce top-notch products that are in accordance with the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system, ISO9001: 2000 quality management system. With the help of our talented team and our world class quality products, we are now exporting our products to countries across the world such as South America, East Asia, the Middle East, and so on.


Aluminum has become the top choice of builders and construction companies in a very short period. With the wide range of benefits, they offer over the traditional building materials like copper and steel. People are now interested in building with aluminum more than ever. Structures built with aluminum offer excellent corrosion resistance. To protect the surface from oxidation,aluminum is treated with a wide range of surface treatments to increase its labor productivity and also its appearance. At Goldapple, we offer a wide range of surface treatments for aluminum such as Anode oxidation, brushing, polishing, fluorocarbon coating, and much more.


By treating fluorocarbon coating aluminum, it becomes resistant to corrosion by strong alkalis, acids, and organic solvents. The properties of aging resistance, insulation make them ideal for lining materials with chemical equipment. To enhance the appearance of aluminum and provide an additional protective coating it undergoes powder coating. Powder coating is available in a huge range of colors from satin, simple matt and gloss finish to super gloss, super matt, and textured finishes. By powder coating, your aluminum products provide better chemical resistance to industrial strength acidic and alkaline cleaners and mortar. Deep processing is an additional process that aluminum undergoes so that its performance can be increased. By deep processing, your aluminum is subjected to electrophoretic coating. The process is typically done on products in the automotive sector to further enhance the quality of products. At Goldapple, we offer fully mechanized and automated electrophoretic coating for your aluminum based products which can greatly improve labor intensity and labor productivity.