An Overview Of Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer In China

Goldapple Aluminum, an overview of aluminium extrusion manufacturer in China.

With the use of aluminium, it is no secret that aluminium extrusion manufacturers and its industry is having a boom. Aluminium has been used in various industries across the world due to its lightweight, durability, and anti-rust characteristics. And now, it has become a household name. It is being used in numerous things at your home or at the commercial buildings. Let it be your curtain walls, your windows, your bathroom cabinets, your office furniture, or your glass doors, the aluminum is used somehow in all of these.


Goldapple holds the title of top quality aluminium extrusion manufacturers in China. It is considered as the biggest Chinese aluminium extrusions because they produce different types of Alloy aluminium profiles for various applications. The silver anodized aluminium heatsink extrusion is their special quality that allows you to have easy molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance over many years of its usage. Goldapple  is also the aluminium extrusion supplier in more than 50 countries and regions overseas. It is their quality and dedication to work that make them one of the ideal aluminium extrusion manufacturers in the whole country of China. The company produces aluminium profile under the Chinese GB5237 and ISO standards so there is an absolute surety that every aluminium profile is the epitome of quality.



The finish coating on each aluminium profile is totally done by machine where every place is equally sprayed with finish coating. For silver anodized aluminum heatsink section, the company uses standard AA10 microns of anodizing film. It is enough to avoid any corrosion resistance. Even if you scratch it a bit, it won’t leave a mark. Further specifications of aluminium extrusion profile include the alloy 6063, temper T5, the tensile strength ≥160MPa, proof stress ≥110MPa, HW hardness ≥8.5. There are other fabricating services that are also handled by the company including sawing, drilling, CNC machining, move spur, and others.


Besides our basic aluminium profile production, we take custom orders as well. We provide our clients with alloy 6005,6061 6063,6082,6463 and temper T4, T5, or T6 as per their choice. The clients are welcomed to provide their own drawings to make and mould aluminum accordingly or tell us their detailed demands. This way, we can design the aluminum heatsink extrusions as per the client’s instructions. If and when the clients approve our mutual efforts according to the design drawings that he/she provided, then we can move forward to make them in bulk.


Most of the time, when customers want us to make a customized aluminium alloy profile, it is usually high quality and requires more effort and not so usual manufacturing procedure, so it would be an expensive deal for sure. On a lighter note, if we are to do a test run for the aluminium profile, the client has to pay for mould cost as we will produce moulds and send samples to be confirmed before getting the full order.