Application of aluminum profile in offshore engineering field

The current offshore oil drilling platform mainly adopts steel structure. Although it has distinct advantages, due to its high possibility in corrosion, it causes the problems in the questionable product service life and high maintenance costs. Therefore, it is of a long-term significance for the development of offshore engineering equipment to look for new materials which has close strength to steal and good durability as well as beautiful appearance. As the aluminum has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, and low maintenance costs, as well as recycling, it can meet the developing needs of offshore engineering field. The offshore engineering field has become another ground for the aluminum profile manufacturers to perform on.

Offshore Engineering is very extensive in the content and the scope. In a broad sense, the offshore engineering equipment includes the ocean fishery equipment, offshore oil and gas exploration equipment, offshore transportation equipment, offshore tourism equipment, offshore power equipment and offshore construction equipment. And in the narrow sense, it mainly refers to the development of offshore oil and gas equipment. The offshore oil and gas exploration and development contain 4 stages: Exploration, Development, Production and Decommission. From the initial stage, geophysical exploration, to the final stage of the platform decommission, each stage is related to many offshore engineering equipments. Offshore oil and gas development equipment can be divided into drilling platform, production platform, offshore engineering ship, and so on. With the continuous development of offshore oil and gas resources into the deep sea, the market in offshore engineering equipment is promising.

Application of aluminum profile in offshore engineering field

Advantages of aluminum profile in offshore engineering field

Compared with onshore engineering materials, offshore oil drilling has its particularity in equipment and other aspects due to its special geographical position and environmental conditions.

The specific advantages of aluminum profiles are as follows.

1) Light weight.

The aluminum profile with light weight and high strength is convenient to install, transport and storage. The weight of aluminum profile is only 1/3 of steel structure material.

2) Strong applicability

The aluminum profile can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh environment and climate.

3) Diversified combination and beautiful appearance

Because of the strong plasticity, the aluminum profile can be processed into varied beautiful structure to meet the demands of users.

4) Corrosion resistance and low maintenance cost.

All the aluminum profiles are processed by the oxidation resistance treatment, and the service life of the aluminum profile is more than 30 years.