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Classification and attention of invisible door handles

  • goldapple-alu
  • 2018/11/13
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The invisible handle was invented for the overall aesthetics of the cabinet, but the invisible handle not only achieved aesthetics, but also increased safety. For families with children, the close handle of the cabinet protrudes easily from the door panel. The invisible handle is embedded in the door panel and is safer. It is called invisible handle because it is embedded in the door panel.

It is not easy to see where the door is from the surface of the invisible door. This has the limit to protect privacy. Nowadays, the invisible door is becoming more and more popular in the home decoration, and it looks both beautiful and practical. So about the invisible door handle, do you know which material to choose? What is the function of the invisible door handle? Next, let's explain the classification and importance of the invisible door handle, and how to choose the handle for the invisible door.


Invisible door handle classification

1. according to the style

Common embossing handles, cross handles, star handles, T-handles, triangular arrow handles, pentagon handles, flat top star handles, seven-corner handles, corrugated handles, triangular handles, triangular handles, straight handles , dish handle, T-handle, scale handle.

2. according to the material

Can be divided into plastic handles, wooden handles, rope handles, leather handles, metal handles, alloy handles and glass handles.

Invisible door handle importance

The invisible door handle is a life product of the people. It is mainly used for door handles such as motor vehicles and cabinets. It is invented for the overall aesthetics and solves the inadequacies of the exposed handle. At the same time, the invisible door handle not only realizes the beauty, but also Increased security. It is mainly composed of a door handle and a baffle. The door handle and the baffle form a hidden door handle of a rectangular door structure. The rear of the baffle is connected by a cylindrical push rod, and the push rod is provided with a return spring.

The invisible door handle is a popular fashion design element. The main advantage is that there is no exposed groove, and the appearance is more beautiful. For a family with children, the handle of the furniture protrudes easily from the door panel, and the invisible door handle is inlaid. In the door panel, it is safer.

Invisible door aluminum handle

The aluminum alloy window handle is made of aluminum alloy and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and light weight. Various surface treatment methods are available, such as spray coating, painting, and plating.

The aluminum alloy window handle is a function of turning the handle to open and close the window. It can be divided into a single point handle lock and a multi-point handle lock (also called a two-point handle lock). The single-point aluminum alloy window handle lock is generally used for the upper hanging window. The two-point aluminum alloy window handle lock is generally used for the casement window series, but it can also be used for sliding the door and window and the upper hanging window.

Aluminum alloy window handles vary in price from a few to tens of pieces due to factors such as price, material, size, etc., and should be selected according to demand when purchasing.



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