Effect of Electrophoretic Coating on Aluminum Profiles

Electrophoretic coating has many advantages in the processing of aluminum profiles. The advantages are very significant. Here’s a brief introduction to the advantages of electrophoretic coating on aluminum profiles:

Electrophoretic coating

1, can control the thickness of aluminum electrophoretic coating film, usually domestic and foreign thickness control in 7 micron and 12 micron two specifications.

2. The process requirements for electrophoretic coating of aluminum profiles are very strict, which is very beneficial for improving the yield of industrial aluminum profiles.

3, the quality of electrophoretic coating film is very good. Acrylic resin uses amino resin to change the solid, ensuring high decorative effect of the coating film and high resistance to corrosion and corrosion. At the same time, because of the high transparency of the resin, it effectively highlights the metal texture of the aluminum profile. In accordance with the demand for decoration can also get matte, sand, pearl and other decorative effects.

4, the use of paint more efficient. Because of the low viscosity of the coating, aluminum products are less likely to be carried out, and the electrophoresis workpieces can be washed. The use of the recycling equipment enables the electrophoretic coating to achieve an efficiency of more than 95%.

5, easy to achieve the purpose of automated production. Because aluminum profiles are electrophoretically coated in aqueous electrophoresis tanks, they are similar to anodizing and electrolytic dyeing processes. The processing time is relatively short, and it is easy to complete the assembly line process.

6, compared with the general electrolysis staining closed pores processing process, with a save time, balance the labor force, electrophoretic coating film does not need to seal the small holes, to prevent the sealing lines because of the defects caused by the fracture lines and other issues .

7. Electrophoretic coating film is even and dense. Because the aluminum profile has a high throwing power during the electrophoretic coating process, it can make the shape of the complex shape can also get the average coating film, and can adjust the coating thickness by adjusting the power.

In addition to the above advantages, electrophoretic coating of aluminum profiles can also improve its safety and light transmission properties, making aluminum profiles more widely available.