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Aluminium Window & Door Profiles

Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating technology adopt pure nickel salt, a highly stable and environmentally friendly single-salt process to treat aluminium door profile and aluminium window profile surface to reach delicate texture like porcelain and is an environmentally friendly, green and healthy aluminum surface treatment technology.
Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating aluminum material can also be called matte electrophoretic aluminum material, which is derived from the matting of the electrophoretic profile. Its surface feels smooth and delicate rather than bright as the traditional electrophoresis profile and the color is restrained which is closer to the diffuse reflection of light in nature, in line with people's elegant life taste.
The process of production is relatively complicated and needs over 10 years of work experience and technology in our team: aluminum rods are melted and cast from pure aluminum ingots, and the extrusion speed is 40% slower than conventional material. The surface of the extruded blank is extremely demanding, and there should be no obvious mechanical lines and die lines. The geometric size is above the high-precision level / the plane clearance is controlled within 0.3% of the ultra-high precision. There should be no scratches on the surface, and there should be a gap between each material, every aluminium profile for windows and doors should be handled with care. 
Extinction Electrophoresis Aluminium Profiles for Windows & Doors

1) Green environmental protection, excellent extinction effect, can reduce light pollution.

2) With anti-oil infiltration self-cleaning function, easy to take care of and post-maintenance.

3) Can resist the four seasons of temperature change, service life can be up to 30 years.

4) Like ceramic texture silky fine, uniform color, grade upgrade.

5) Color is rich and diverse, fashionable and elegant

6) High hardness, strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, suitable for high humidity, high salinity environment.

Grade Certification Alloy Or Not Minimum Order Quantity Color Design Thickness
6000 series ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO10012 Is Alloy 10 tons after confirmed the samples Customization Customization >0.7mm


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Single nickel salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating aluminium profiles for windows and doors, "LiangJian" surface is the worldwide first color from Gold Apple aluminium profile manufacturers, light luxury style, elegant and beautiful, excellent texture, which greatly conforms to the aesthetics of modern society. It achieves the perfect fusion of durability and beauty, with both high value and practicality!

Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating technology belong to a new generation of aluminium door profile and aluminium window profile surface treatment technology, which is matte and non-reflective. Urban light pollution - the "invisible hidden danger" behind the brilliance. Excessive light can cause discomfort to the human body and damage human health. Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating technology use a new generation of matte coating, which has a very low reflectivity to light.

Our factory Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating aluminum profile can be used outdoors and has at least 30 years warranty. The protection of aluminium door profiles and aluminium window profiles by Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating technology is more prominent than the previous generation. The thickness of the Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating paint film reaches 8-17 μm, and the weather resistance test is accelerated to make the surface treatment denser, and it is difficult for debris to penetrate through the surface, not easy to stay, and more convenient to clean.

Single Ni salt dyeing and electrophoretic coating profiles can be selected for doors, windows, and home decoration. Its elegant surface color, delicate and gentle surface, super self-cleaning function, and strong weather resistance. We use the purest colors of nature for artistic re-creation, which not only retains the innocence close to nature but also has a humanistic atmosphere. The warm brown tone complements the home perfectly which is in line with the pursuit of solemn elegance, simple and comfortable modern style, improving home taste.



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