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Extruded Aluminum Enclosures

  • 2018/04/10
  • 200

As a leading manufacturer of aluminium profile in China, GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is proud to serve hundreds of customers from more than 80 countries in south America, Africa, Mid-east countries, Asia, etc. Its trademark,“Gold Apple”, has won great reputation in the international market, owing to its stable quality and competitive price.


Except for those aluminium profile for window and doors, our advanced facilities enables us to produce all shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers, by both direct and indirect extrusion, to meet the needs of our customers in the electronics, information technology, transportation, food service, telecommunications, and medical instrumentation industries, as well as any number of other consumer and industrial markets. Extruded aluminum enclosures fulfill rugged housing requirements and are ideal for a wide range of hand-held, wireless, desktop or wall-mounted devices.


“Gold Apple ”Extrusions offers a complete range of standard and custom aluminum enclosure extrusions. Our vast resources and unprecedented technical expertise enable us to provide the industry’s most comprehensive product line. From custom extrusions that require basic procedures (such as precision cutting, drilling, tapping or punching) to fully finished components and assemblies, “Gold Apple”offers full capabilities for fabricated components - a complete solution that’s ready to ship or insert into your production line.





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