Find The Best Aluminium Tube Supplier

Aluminium has become the No.1 choice in the construction industry. It’s because aluminium tube provides several benefits as compared to other materials. To find the best aluminium tube supplier, you need to look for a few things. Aluminium tube profile comes in various colors of powder coating, polishing, anodized, brushed, wooden grain, sanding blasting, PVDF, electrophoresis, and much more. Make sure your chosen aluminum tube does not have any defects and is delivered in the protective packing material.

Goldapple is a renowned aluminium tube supplier in China. We not just offer top-quality aluminium tubes but also other parts. Our aluminum tubes are matchless in all aspects. Besides the high quality, they are also eye-catching that makes them a perfect fit for decorations. The polishing on aluminium tubes is done so well that their shine can last for a longer time. We offer good packing within the first layer, a sticky protective film with/without logo, polybag for every profile, peal foam interval between profiles, etc. The outside second layer comprises of shrink film, craft paper, single wrapping film, waterproof paper, etc. We also perform special packing’s such as wooden crates having a sliding iron frame, or large hollow profiles that are filled with small ones for saving space, etc.

Aluminium alloy square is surrounded by the product shape and is used for windows, doors, office partitions, company image wall materials, shop signs, and grille. Production primarily comprises of aluminium material extrusion molding machine, processing for welding, carving, bending, and inner use decoding installation. Aluminium frame profiles have great corrosion resistance and good plasticity. They have a non-stress corrosion cracking tendency and cold workability. Aluminium tube profile is a commonly used alloy and can be painted with enamel and anodized. It is a perfect material for making decoration pieces. It also contains a little quantity of Cu, thus its strength is greater than 6063. However, the quenching sensitivity is more than 6063.

Here are a few characteristics of aluminium tube profile :

Great durability

To ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied, we use the best production methods and raw materials. By using the best raw materials and methods, we make high-quality products.

Brilliant polishing methods

As a professional aluminium tube supplier, we use a variety of polishing methods to polish our aluminium tubes, such as chemical polishing, abrasive polishing, and electrical polishing. All these polishing techniques help provide great shine.

Available in different sizes

Everybody has a different need. This is why we make aluminium tubes in different thicknesses and lengths. Here at Pingguo Fusheng, aluminum tubes are offered in more than 0.7mm lengths and available up to 8m.

Available in different colors

We offer aluminum tubes in various colors so that clients can have a lot of choice. Some of our most sold colors are gold, silver, and champagne.


We make sure that our aluminum tubes are cost-effective so that a maximum number of clients can afford them. We achieve this goal through our up-to-date productive and polishing techniques.