Go check out the quality aluminium profiles from GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP

GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is one of the biggest aluminum pipe suppliers in China. They have a huge set up to produce quality aluminium profiles for different applications including pipe profiles, industrial aluminium profiles and architecture aluminium profiles among other profiles. It is no secret that aluminum profiles are being used in almost every industry. There is a need for aluminum profiles in everything whether you are looking for a construction project or looking to do some interior designing, there is an aluminum profile that fits your needs. Every industry can use aluminium pipes according to their needs. 
GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP company is located in Foshan, China and they manufacture high-quality aluminium pipes. They have been exporting their aluminium pipes in other countries as well and for that, they are recognized as aluminium pipe suppliers. 
Here, we will be looking at the different aluminium pipe specifications that the company makes. 
1-Deep Progressing for Portable Power
The temper available for these aluminium pipes is T4, T5, T6, etc. The material used to manufacture is Aluminium Alloy 6063, 6063A, 6060, 6061,6005. They come in different shapes. These shapes can include rectangle, round, square, triangle, and some other specific shapes. The modifications can also be done if the client wants it. Usually, the modifications can range from drilling holes, adding mounting brackets, flanged side panels, and other things like that.
Surface treatment can differ in many aspects but mostly the regular anodizing is done through the following methods. 
1.Mill finished
4.Powder coated
5.Silver matt
6.Sand blasting
As for the testing tools, 3D projectors, ordinary projectors, all kinds of accurate measuring tools, high temperature resistant testers, low temperature resistant testers, salt spraying testers, and a bunch of others can be used. 
If we see it for the business scope, the aluminium pipe suppliers can do stamping, laser cutting, laser welding, CNC processing, drilling, tapping, butt welding, argon arc welding, and CNC turning.
Foam paper and carton box package, kraft paper package, plastic film, and the plastic wrap is all in the packaging details whereas plastic wraps package is optional.
2-Aluminium Profiles for Doors
The company offers economical custom design exterior aluminium glass sliding doors profiles. The aluminium profiles for door have the following features:
1.High quality
2.Affordable prices 
3.Prompt delivery
4.Customized designs
5.100% QC inspection before shipment
6.Professional service
7.Excellent material 
8.Elegant appearance
3-Thermal Break/Heat Insulation Aluminium Curtain Wall Profile 
Heat insulation or thermal break aluminium is used for curtain walls. They have the following features. 
•Air proof and waterproof 
•Heat insulation/thermal insulation 
•Environmentally friendly
•Energy conservation
•Look is great
Advantages of using our pipes and profiles
Our pipes and profiles are both advantageous in many ways. Some of the advantages are as follows: 
•Total 30 extrusion lines
•Anodizing lines with each profile having 7.5 meters anodizing length
•3 powder coating lines, one vertical and two horizontals.
•Max coating length 12meters, annual capacity around 100,000tons.