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“Gold Apple” profile connects aluminum profiles without any machining

  • goldapple
  • 2018/10/22
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No drill holes required to hold profiles together! Aluminum profile manufacturers-Goldapple simply cut the aluminum profiles to length and assemble them! These unique aluminum profiles were specially designed to save you time and money. Clever connection elements dispense with the need for machines and equipment. The profiles are simply cut to length and assembled and are available in more than 100 different profile sizes and cross-sections.

Aluminum profile manufacturers


Construction profiles

A key feature of our construction profiles is their connection flexibility (slots on all sides), which makes them suitable for almost any application.


Fixing slots on all sides

Unlimited application options

Minimum engineering effort


Aluminum functional/special profiles

As well as construction profiles (with slots on all sides), a modern aluminum framing systems should also include a range of profiles that are both functional and visually attractive. Connection without machining – our product portfolio now includes a series of functional and special profiles made from aluminum that fulfill this requirement.


Attractive design



Cost optimization


Heavy-duty aluminum profiles

Used in combination with thrust connectors, heavy-duty aluminum profiles with a slot width of 18 mm offer many advantages in the classic mechanical engineering sector.

The aluminum profiles are pressure-connected and offer a highly load resistant screw connection which can be released at any time. No mechanical machining of the aluminum profiles is required, which means that assembly costs are significantly lower when compared to other profile systems and steel constructions.


Ability to absorb high dynamic loads

Large structures

Easy to transport (aluminum construction can be separated into segments)

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