Chinese aluminium extrusion is a process by which aluminium is turned into a variety of different shapes with the purpose of the aluminium becoming part of a cross-section profile. In its creation, the aluminium is pushed through a die, which allows the producer to create complex cross-sections while strengthening the metal. There are numerous benefits involved with purchasing extruded aluminium shapes from reduced manufacturing costs, to reduced purchased part weight.

aluminium profile

Custom Aluminium extrusion allows businesses and manufacturers to create shapes that provide advantages beyond what can be achieved with standard Aluminium products. In recent years the Aluminium extrusion industry has made many advancements such as taking advantage of new technology and methods to further improve the benefits of designing and engineering custom pieces. One of the main benefits of Aluminium extrusions is how accessible the material is. Aluminium is one of the most commonly mined materials on Earth and there is no shortage upcoming, making it easy to find Aluminium suppliers. Aluminium extrusion transforms Aluminium alloy into an extraordinary variety of products for consumer and industrial markets. Aluminium extrusions have many uses in the electronics, automotive, mass transit, bridge decking, telecommunications, solar/renewable energy industries, and more.

 Perhaps the most important benefit provided by Aluminium extrusion is that the finished product will stand the test of time. When many people think of Aluminium, they envision a soda can that is crushed without any effort whatsoever. The truth is that Aluminium is actually very durable, although sometimes soft, Aluminium takes a very long time to break down. Once the extrusions are in place, they will serve their purpose for a long period of time without the need for replacement. In the transportation industry, where the strength-to-weight ratio is critical, aluminium extrusions are ideal for engine blocks, transmission housings, panels, roof rails and chassis of cars, boats, trucks, and railway and subway cars, as well as for the bodies and component parts of vehicles. Demand has also grown for aluminium extrusions as structural components in the manufacture of lighter-weight automobiles

GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing various kinds of top grade powder-spraying Aluminium profiles. Located in Pingguo County of Baise City, Guangxi Autonomous Region. GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM is known for their High-qualified sales to build a bridge between customer and company, Quick response service concept. In addition, they have a Strict quality management system, over 20 years of experience in the field of aluminium extrusions with rich experienced workers and engineers and a lean management to save costs. The company covers an area of 530 kilometres and is commonly known for their trademark “Golden Apple”. As China’s Leading Supplier/Exporter for Aluminium Profile, the company uses state of the arts production equipment and quality inspection systems. Including surface processing of series of aluminium profiles that have been subject to the processes of mill finish, oxygenation, electrophoresis, polishing, powder spraying, PVDF, wet painting, wood grain transfer, thermal break and insulation, and used for such four majors fields as door and window, curtain wall, decoration and industry. With an annual output that reaches 100,000 tons, they also adhere to the market-oriented, established North China, East China and Southwest as their main domestic selling network, and exports their products to all kinds of countries and regions globally. These include; North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Mid-east, East Asia and Southeast Asia and so on. “Gold Apple” is used as the company’s core brand to promote their Aluminium profile series products to the domestic and foreign markets.

Insisting on the concept of innovation relying on science, the company has a close cooperation with research institutions, and successfully developed high-strength, erosion-resistant Mg-Si-La alloyed aluminium profiles. Thus, becoming one of lanthanide Aluminium profiles production base of China. Furthermore, by relying on more than a decade of experience in aluminium profile processing to develop national patented technologies. The company have become leaders in the market for the Aluminium profile industry.

They insist in people who are oriented in their talent strategy, according to the features of aluminium profiles industry. They invite famous enterprise management specialists to comply with the standard requirement of modern enterprises when carrying out regular training to improve employees.

Gold apple strictly adhering to quality management system, according to GB5237.1-GB5237.6 of National standards, AAMA2603, AAMA2604, AAMA2605 of the United States standard, BS6496 of U.K. and other international standards, stipulate and implement higher-level compay internal standards controls, process guideline and equipment operation direction. The company adopted and obtained the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system, ISO10012: 2003 management system and “a radius of Chinese product quality certification mark” certifications; and access lots of honoured of the “Guangxi brand”, “Guangxi famous trade mark”.

Today, aluminium extrusion is used for a wide range of purposes, including components of the International Space Station. These diverse applications are possible due to the advantageous attributes of aluminium, from its particular blend of strength and ductility to its conductivity, its non-magnetic properties and its ability to be recycled repeatedly without loss of integrity. All of these capabilities make aluminium extrusion a viable and adaptable solution for a growing number of manufacturing needs.