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Gross profit of Aluminium fall down effects aluminium extrusion manufacturers

  • Goldapple
  • 2017/11/07
  • 200

As one of the leading aluminium extrusion manufacturers in China, GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP has been effected by gross profit falling down of Aluminum industry quite a lot. Aluminum industry chain high inventory, high profits and high prices in the state, there have been some new changes: inventory decreased slightly, the overall stability of prices, but gross profit is substantially down.


Relevant data show that the current electrolytic aluminum latest social inventory than last week to reduce 22 thousand tons, reported 1 million 684 thousand tons. Aluminum price spot 16100 yuan, the domestic electrolytic aluminum smelting enterprises the average cost of 15800 yuan / ton, according to the calculation, electrolytic aluminum industry gross margin of only 300 yuan / ton, gross margin fell sharply.


Analysts pointed out that the main reason for the decline in the profits of electrolytic aluminum industry is alumina, pre cultured anode, aluminum fluoride and other raw material prices rose sharply, some raw material prices rose by over 100%. The enterprise production effects probably can appear after November 15th, while the new capacity is still running, so the short-term increase in yield or stage, high inventory situation change still needs time, so the price is expected to remain high and volatile situation. If you want to continue upward, the need to wait until the next year ushered in the "four establishments" consumption season.



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