High-magnification aluminum radiator extrusion process and precautions


1. For the aluminum extrusion die with high density and tongue ratio, the front aluminum rod must be a 150-200mm short aluminum rod or pure aluminum rod.

2. before the test, the extrusion center of the aluminum extruder must be adjusted, and the extrusion shaft, the ingot cylinder, and the mold socket outlet are on a center line.

3. in the test mode and the normal production process, the heating temperature of the aluminum rod should be guaranteed between 480-520 °C.

4. the heating temperature of the aluminum profile mold is controlled at 480 °C according to the normal mold temperature, and the flat mold holding time of the diameter below 200 mm is not less than 2 hours, if the split mold is kept for more than 3 hours; the mold insulation with a diameter greater than 200 mm is 4 -6 hours to ensure the uniformity of the core temperature of the mold and the external temperature.

5. Before the test or production, the cylinder liner must be cleaned with a clear cylinder gasket, and the empty operation of the extruder should be checked.

6. When the test mode or the beginning of production, the automatic cutting of the extruder is turned off, and the switches of each segment are returned to zero. Starting from a small pressure, the pressure is gradually reduced, and the discharge is about 3-5 minutes. The aluminum filling process mainly controls the pressure. The pressure is controlled within 100Kg/cm2, the ammeter data is within 2-3A, generally, 80-120Kg/cm2 can be discharged, and then slowly accelerated. The normal extrusion speed is less than 120Kg/cm2.

7. In the trial mold or production process of aluminum alloy profile mold, if it is found that the phenomenon of jamming, partial teeth, too fast or too much deviation, stop immediately, and unload the mold in a point-return manner to avoid scraping the mold.

8. In the production process of test mode or aluminum material, the discharge port must be unobstructed, and the pad support or jig looseness should be reasonably mastered according to the discharge condition. Observe the abnormal situation at any time and deal with it in time. Stop the machine immediately.

9. in the process of straightening, it is necessary to carefully test the changes before and after, the operation specifications, moderate force, and strict product quality.

10. According to the requirements of the aluminum production planning plan, the sawing speed should not be too fast, avoiding the injury of the end, the end must be clamped, and the flash and burrs are removed.

11, aluminum alloy profiles should be standardized, including the mats should be placed reasonably to avoid damage to the profiles.

12. The aging temperature of the aluminum profile is controlled at 190±5°C, the temperature is kept for 2.5-4 hours, and air-cooling is performed after the furnace is discharged.