How to choose Closet Door

A growing number of consumers would like to purchase custom-made closet doors made by aluminum heat sink for the home decoration. But you must pay more attention in case of trapping into the closet door trap. The  most primary principle is that we must go to legal companies and choosing regulated closet door. Some illegal companies would like to deceive consumers, making the layman’s customers miserable. It is recommended that the general public need to understand the relevant knowledge of the closet door, so better safeguard their legitimate consumer interests. 
What are the main ways of unscrupulous businessmen. There are some common custom traps:
First, the use of  low-grade thin material and shoddy 
if  the wall closet doors is too thin, it will frivolous and shaking. After using for some time, it is quite easy to warp or deform and  leading to the jammed rails, affecting the normal use.
Second, environmental standards
Sliding doors of wood are all wood-based panels. The use of adhesives containing formaldehyde and other harmful substances makes it fail the standard.
Third, the lag in technology and  product durability
Pulley is the key technical components of the sliding door. The  material and the structure of sliding doors play a decisive role in the durability.
Fourth, counterfeit brand-name and illegal business
Weak individuals may cut the corner in order to make more profits, paying no attention to the laws and regulations. They are dare to browse the competitors’ websites or promotional materials  and openly misappropriated pictures of peers. Even misappropriation of brand-name trademarks.
Fifth, after-sales service fail to honor the commitment
Quite a few closet door manufacturers may promise to customers to make a promise of warranty in order to take orders during pre-order.
Through the above comparison and identification, I believe you have a basic understanding of all kinds of illegal closet door manufacturers traps.