How to Choose Good Silicon for Aluminum Windows and Doors


1, to avoid the selection of low-priced low-quality products

Many users in the purchase of aluminum windows and doors when the glass is always a cheap choice of products, however, the use of low-cost plastic not only affect the quality of the project, the service life, more importantly, is easy to cause rework, delay time, So can not be easy, can not be cheap. Like a few dollars or more than ten dollars of glass glue try not to buy. Good glass glue ranging from forty to eighty.

2, to understand the product features and then purchase

Some consumers are not aware of the basic knowledge of the product under the circumstances of the purchase of aluminum windows and doors, in the use of the process found a lot of problems. So before the purchase to understand the classification of glass glue, use, restrictions, use and storage period. In addition, different glass glue has a different role, according to different uses to buy different glass glue, otherwise, once the wrong place will bring trouble to home improvement and loss

3, check the product packaging

To check the packaging of the product name, name, specifications, origin, color, date of the factory; whether the certificate, warranty certificate, product inspection report; look at the use of bottles, usage, precautions and other content whether it is clear and complete; to see whether the net content is accurate, manufacturers must be marked on the bottle specifications and net content.

4, try to choose brand products

To choose brand glass glue, they are guaranteed in quality, especially in these brands of glass plastic packaging will have detailed product description, easy to distinguish between buyers performance.

5, check the quality of gum

Smell, shine, check particles, check the bubble, test curing effect,test tension and viscosity.