How to improve the production rate of industrial aluminum profiles

In the current situation, industrial aluminum profiles, regardless of the increasing demand for automobiles, machinery protection, and railways, naturally think of the dual problems of cost and resource utilization. Therefore, how to improve the yield of industrial aluminum profiles has become a top priority and measures to improve productivity. Many, this article mainly talks about two measures that are relatively more specific and practical.


   1. Advanced equipment and high-quality workers are prerequisites for increasing production.

Advanced equipment, high-quality workers, and modern scientific management play a vital role in improving the output of extruded products. In China’s existing more than 2,500 industrial aluminum extrusion presses, only about 25 of them are international level or about 1%. China’s aluminum extrusion industry is in the stage of structural adjustment and should avoid low levels of repetition. With the introduction and construction, it is best to transform the existing industrial aluminum extrusion press with transformation value into a modern high-level industrial aluminum extrusion press.

   2. The relationship between temperature control and increased production

Typically, if there are no unscheduled downtimes, then the maximum output is primarily determined by the extrusion speed, while the latter is subject to four factors, three of which are fixed and the other is variable. The first factor is the extrusion force of the industrial aluminum extrusion press. The large extrusion force can be squeezed smoothly when the billet temperature is low. The second factor is the mold design, the metal, and the mold wall during extrusion. Friction usually increases the temperature of the passed aluminum alloy by 35-62 ° C; the third factor is the characteristics of the extruded alloy, which is an uncontrollable factor limiting the extrusion speed. The exit temperature of the profile generally cannot exceed 540 ° C, otherwise, The surface quality of the material will decrease, the mold marks will be significantly aggravated, and even aluminum, gravure, micro-cracks, tears, etc. will appear. The last factor is the temperature and how much it is controlled.

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