How to Optimize and Improve the Yield and Quality of Aluminum Die Casting


As the aluminum die-casting products have increasingly kinds of specifications, applied in wide range with complex and diversified environment, the traditional production model, which relies on the experience to design and rework for the test mold, can not meet the demand of modern economic development. As we all know, under the present market economic environment, the efficiency is life, and the quality is the key. Therefore, to improve the success rate of mold design and processing and aluminum die-casting production and yield is the most urgent task of die-casting companies, not only about the good quality of aluminum profile the aluminum profile supplier provide, but also the excellent mold and the appropriate condition controlling.

In the aluminum die-casting production, die-casting is one of the main forming processes. The quality of die-casting mold and the speed of die-casting process directly affect the die-casting company’s product quality and yield. What’s more, to improve the production efficiency of die-casting machine, the die-casting company can also improve the equipments, the quality of workers and the management level.

1. Choose a good material

The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality and production efficiency of aluminum die-casting. Good raw materials can reduce the mold wear, extend the service life of the mold, reduce costs and improve production efficiency. So it is the first step that the die-casting companies should find and cooperate with a good aluminum supplier.

2. Choose an excellent mold

Reasonable mold design adding with timely nitriding can improve the hardness and finish of the mold work belt to reduce the times of repair and the non-ergonomics time, so that it can improve product quality and reduce the rejection rate, which is very important to achieve maximum yield.

3. Control the appropriate temperature

The appropriate temperature is much beneficial to the quality of aluminum die-casting, and too high or too low temperature is either cause unpredictable damage which is hard to recover resulted in both time and money losing.