How To Remove Paint From Aluminum Heat Sink?

Well goes a very famous saying, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. So, concerning about how to how to remove paint from aluminum heat sink, let’s first get to know the technical process of the paint.


Metal spray paint for the aluminum heat sink is a common metal surface treatment process. A good coating layer can be obtained by spraying paint, and the protective film can be formed on the outer surface of the metal, so as to achieve beautiful decoration effect and good protective effect. In the process of metal spray painting, the application of metal surface treatment is to ensure the quality of coating. Its main function is to protect and modify the performance, and to provide an effective solution in the presence of poor adhesion and paint shedding in metal spray paint. Because the surface of metal material is smooth, the paint is difficult to combine with the metal surface when the paint is sprayed, and it is easy to fall off, drop paint and so on. And before painting, effective pretreatment is also a key step. If the pretreatment is not clean, it is easy to cause pollutants on the surface of the material, thus affecting the adhesion effect of spray paint. The paint film with good adhesion is durable and has the required performance. Paint film with poor adhesion is easy to crack and fall off, resulting in unusable products. In order to have good adhesion, it is necessary to solve the problem of metal paint drop. At present, the new environmentally friendly metal surface treatment agent has become widely used in the coating industry to solve the problem of metal paint removal. The metal surface treatment agent can improve the effect of interlaminar adhesion between substrate and paint, and effectively solve the problem of metal material paint drop. Only spraying on the metal material surface and putting in place in one step can solve the problem of poor metal material painting.


So, the key point of removing the paint from aluminum heat sink is to deal with the adhesive force of the paint. There is adhesion between the coating and the aluminum heat sink. Refers to the degree of firmness in which the paint film is combined with the surface of the aluminum heat sink. This binding force is formed by the interaction between the polar groups of the polymer in the paint film and the polar groups on the coated surface. These are the factors that lead to the decrease of adhesion of paint film. The adhesion of the paint film can only be measured indirectly. The reason for the decrease of adhesion is also that the low molecular weight material inside the coating moves to the surface of the aluminum heat sink and aggregates between the paint film and the coated surface, which weakens the force between the polar group of the polymer and the polar group on the coated surface. The purpose of surface corona treatment is to eliminate the low molecular substances attached to the coated surface that may affect the adhesion of the paint film.