INDOBUILDTECH 2017,Jakarta, Indonesia

Indobuildtech is an important fair of building materials in Jakarta, Indonesia, it has been held 14 years, got supported by government and economic associations of Indonesia.
Indonesia has a population of more than 248 million, as the forth largest population in the world. Indonesia’s import and export volume of US$42.43 billions at first two months 2016, according to Indonesia Central Statistics Bureau. Indonesia bilateral trade with China is US$7.6 billions, accounting for exportation of Indonesia is US$2.15 billions, take up 9.9% of total exportation and increased 0.5%. Imported from china is US$4.91 billions, take up 23.8% of total import volume.
In recent years, building materials and construction technology in Asia, especially in Indonesia to achieve rapid development, many projects reached the highest international level. At the same time, new building materials, technologies and methods are being developed to adapt to the development of the construction industry, which will bring more opportunities and challenges. Indonesia’s market has 90% of all types of products are imported into the Indonesian market. Therefore, Chinese companies are expect to open up a larger building materials market Indonesia, thereby promoting its own considerable development.
GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP will go to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend to this important fair from 17th-21st May 2017, we warmly welcome all buyers who have time to visit out booth at 9W2J to discuss business face to face, check our quality of samples. You will know more about us and understand us well. It will be helpful for both to do any cooperation in future. 
As one of famous aluminium extrusion manufacturers  in China, GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP always insist to provide qualified aluminum profiles with competitive price, to bring benefit for our clients and help our customers to growth is our responsibility. We have up-to-date facilities and equipments. There are 24 extrusion press, the biggest one is 3600tons, every month, we have over 2,000 tons of output to over 50 regions and countries. “Gold Apple” is our famous trademark in the world. Our products lines have aluminum windows and doors profiles, industrial aluminium extrusions, curtain walls, decoration aluminum profiles. Facilities and equipments including powder coating, anodizing, electrophoresis, polishing, wooden paper transfer and so on. In order to keep high quality products, we has a strict quality control management and carried out in every procedure of production, this kind of quality control management is made and improved during production according to International and Chinese standard.