Is Superficial Processing of Aluminum Extrusion Available?

Do you know superficial processing methods? Superficial processing is important in our daily life. After reading this article, you will find some useful tips.

Our superficial processing methods can strengthen the advantages of aluminum and add a beautiful finish to your product.

aluminium extrusion

Painting and anodizing

When we talk about aluminum surface treatment, we are talking primarily about painting and anodizing. Anodizing seals and protects extruded aluminum. Painting gives you an unlimited selection of color, with varied sheen and excellent color consistency.

Why anodizing helps

Anodizing your aluminum extrusions creates a dirt-repellent surface and improves corrosion resistance. It provides a surface with electrically insulated coating and preserves the finish of the metal. And it creates a surface that is pleasant to touch.

Besides powder coating and anodizing, Goldapple Extrusion also provides other kinds of surface treatments, including Like polishing aluminum, wood grain transfer printing aluminum, brushed aluminum and so on. etc.

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