leading the new revolution in materials

Anyone familiar with the hardware industry is not strange with such a production process: the metal materials , processing hardware products , metal materials , metal parts, aluminum heat sink,metal manufactured goods.
From this process can be seen, metal materials constitute all hardware products’ texture and widely determines the basic qualities of many industries. 
Through 30 years of development, metal materials industry has achieved a qualitative leap. Some outstanding enterprises formed a certain characteristics and comparative advantages.
Having accumulated production experience for decades and constantly updating and transforming machines and equipments, metal alloy materials and the level of calendering technology now has been promoted much. Following with it, the quality of steel profile, copper profile and other traditional metal materials product is becoming more and more mature. 
At the same time, more and more enterprises look at new high-tech metal materials, such as special alloy steel rare metal alloy, super thin precision rolling parts.
In recent years, with the trend of restructuring the hardware industry and the transformation of the development, the large energy consumption of the output has become an important factor restricting the transformation and upgrading of this industry. 
The government encourages enterprises to transform the traditional hardware companies with new technologies and new techniques, and facilitates enterprises to establish a market-oriented, and industrial-academic-research cooperated technological innovation system, to establish innovation of a enterprise business structure that takes technological progress as the core, to transit from “low-cost competition strategy” to “differentiating competitive strategy”, from “diversification strategy” to “core strategy”, and from “leapfrog development strategy” to “sustainable development strategy”.