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leading the new revolution in metal materials

  • goldapple
  • 2017/05/09
  • 200
the process of hardware industry
Anyone familiar with the hardware industry is not strange with such a production process: the metal materials, suitable for processing hardware products, metal materials , metal parts , metal manufactured goods.
From this process can be seen, metal materials constitute all hardware products’ "texture", and widely determines the basic qualities of many industries. 
The achievements of outstanding enterprises
 Some outstanding enterprises formed a certain characteristics and comparative advantages. These achievements are mainly attributed to the following aspects: 
Use the traditional material, more professionally, and aim at high technology at the same time. More than ever, having accumulated production experience for decades and constantly updating. Metal alloy materials and the level of calendering technology now has been promoted much. 
At the same time, more and more enterprises look at new high-tech metal materials, such as special alloy steel, special aluminum profile, rare metal alloy, super thin precision rolling parts, etc.
Follow the trend of energy saving
Metal materials industry is characterized as a large energy consuming industry. 
In the face of energy saving policy step by step to adapt to the situation of reducing energy consumption increase output become the only way which must be passed to seek survival and development of enterprises, the production of new products with high added value, low energy consumption and large market potential, the planned replacement for large part of the large energy consumption of production equipment. The elimination of large energy-consuming fuel production and other kind of measures should be taken to reduce the energy consumption and production cost.
Implement technological transformation
The most effective way to improve product quality is to implement technical transformation. 
The government encourages enterprises to transform the traditional hardware companies with new technologies and new techniques.
Enterprises is encouraged to vigorously implement technological transforming projects in line with regional industry-oriented type and promote the application of advanced and high-tech technology in the industry.


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