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Many factors have led to higher alumina prices

  • Goldapple
  • 2017/12/05
  • 200

This week, the alumina market once again showed a small amount of transactions under the state of a sharp rebound in the situation, this trend has occurred at the end of May, in the spot trading volume gradually reduced the environment, the alumina trading market ups and downs of their own and external conditions are basically similar.

Once the market atmosphere is determined, the seller due to the basic lack of spot sales, offer short-term there may be rising, and do not need a very clear deal. The current quotation of alumina enterprises to 2550 yuan as a basic base, and the basic unity of the North and the South, even if the market is not completely significant significance of the sample, some sellers have been quoted to 2600-2650 yuan offer.

Very difficult to predict a strong rebound

Due to the lack of adequate supply of cash and spot transactions, the current spot market in the alumina, enough to buy after the emergence of more likely to lead some buyers of the "stampede", on the one hand speculative trade actively involved in the spot market, on the one hand part of the need for aluminum The factory is forced to supply the relative instability, began to abandon the concept of inventory to gradually build inventory. In the limited stock conditions, the alumina business more easily based on real-time search and movement at any time to increase the intention to offer, the reality can be seen is that just three days, the alumina offer at least 120 yuan or more, the future A few days after the stamina is still full.

Internal conditions are basically available

From the alumina market's own characteristics, the price rebounded substantially with the following conditions: a large number of spot contracts signed early, alumina business inventories generally decline, some just need aluminum plant inventory at a relatively low level. From Aladdin (ALD) Kunming summit to understand the information point of view, during the summit, Aladdin (ALD) can be basically identified part of the large aluminum plant signed an incremental spot contract, the price of about 2480 yuan, although the market perception is not obvious , But because the object is mostly the main alumina business and the main aluminum plant, once the main alumina enterprises in their own long single basic conditions are still adjusted to plan the export spot, the market supply of the current shortage of cash continues to be tight, once the procurement The release of the message ignited the overall situation, the price may show low-frequency turnover jumped up. In addition, most of the alumina internal inventory fell to a very low position, this explicit data and changes in the phenomenon, but also easier to stimulate the seller and the buyer are expected to adjust, on the one hand the pre-market stability, Factories and traders panic stocking, on the other hand, the seller due to low inventory and long-term stock supply itself is limited, more optimistic about the price rebound.

Peripheral support factors gradually more

The external conditions of the alumina price rebound are diverse and sustained, and the appearance is more dominant. Which is a substantial rebound in aluminum prices, rising costs are expected to increase, man-made light. Aluminum prices rebound Needless to say, for the aluminum plant, because the profit environment is good, the rebound in alumina prices is a positive attitude, but do not want to see is that once the rebound is the cycle of the rise, ups and downs of the Board The face of buyers and sellers are difficult to accept the reality. Cost up in the Kunming summit, Aladdin (ALD) has been predicted in advance - at least the monthly cost of 100 yuan or so, both environmental protection policy severely caused by the tight supply of ore, but also the monthly price of caustic soda rose more than 200 Yuan, in short, in the supply side of the reform continued to promote environmental protection pressure unprecedented and the future heating season limit production and other factors under the influence of bulk raw material prices broad based, to the alumina production cost control level will not be good Where to go. With the seller's optimistic expectations, the buyer's demand to stimulate the cost of rising, less poor spot market transactions sent a star of fire ignited, and lit it may "fire".



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