New building materials – Aluminum-plastic Co-extruded Profiles


Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion doors and windows produced by aluminum profile suppliers, as the name suggests, is a profile window and door that is tightly integrated with an aluminum lining and a plastic. Its profile production uses an aluminum lining containing recycled aluminum as a skeleton, and a hard crust micro foam plastic with a thickness of about 4 mm is compounded. On the surface of the aluminum lining, the effect of the inner metal lining and the outer plastic junction is achieved.

The advantages of aluminum plastic co-extrusion window

1. Aluminum plastic co-extrusion composite heat insulation is good. The use of micro-foam hard crust inside the aluminum lining soft combination, the use of EPDM rubber seal on the border, close tight, airtight, particularly watertight performance, superior insulation properties; sash hollow glass structure, so that the windows display Out sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation, excellent function, a large number of savings in mining and refrigeration costs, heat transfer coefficient K value of 1.5-2.6 or less detected, energy-saving effect is significant, a few years of energy-saving costs can make up for early investment.

2. Aluminum plastic co-extrusion waterproof function. The principle of pressure balance is used to design a structural drainage system with drainage outlets, smooth drainage, and good water tightness.

3. Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion prevents condensation and frost formation. The aluminum-plastic co-extruded profile can realize the three-seal structure of the doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, successfully achieve the equal pressure of air and water, significantly improve the watertightness and airtightness of the doors and windows, and achieve a net and bright effect.


4. Aluminum plastic co-extrusion mosquito screen design. Invisible screens can be installed and used inside and out, with anti-mosquito and flies, especially suitable for mosquitoes and insects in the north. They can also choose anti-theft diamond screens and have anti-theft function.


5. Aluminum-plastic co-extruded anti-theft and anti-loose devices. Coupled with a unique multi-point hardware lock to ensure the stability and security of the window in use.

6. Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion noise protection is particularly good. The micro-foam structure has been carefully designed with tight joints. The test results show that the sound insulation of the air can reach 30-45 db. It can ensure that the residents within 30 meters on both sides of the highway are free of noise, and the neighboring downtown can also guarantee the quiet and warm interior.

7. Aluminum plastic co-extrusion fire-retardant energy-saving features. The actual test has passed the test of fire resistance 0.5h.

8. Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion sand and wind pressure. The internal frame adopts dovetail groove design, strong resistance to wind pressure deformation, and good anti-vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and residential houses. It can design a large-area window type with a large lighting area; this type of window is more airtight than any aluminum. , plastic windows are all good, to ensure that there is no dust in the indoor sands and floors of the areas with large sandstorms.

9. Al-plastic co-extrusion with high strength and no maintenance. Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion doors and windows integrate high tensile and shear strength and thermal deformation resistance. Durable aluminum-plastic co-extruded profiles are not susceptible to sea salt corrosion, and do not easily yellow and fade, requiring little maintenance.

10. Aluminum-plastic co-extruded profiles are available in various colors and are highly decorative. The indoor and outdoor surfaces of the doors and windows can be different colors to meet the customer’s preference for color effect and the aesthetic needs of the color space, in line with the architect’s personalized design requirements. Aluminum-plastic co-extruded profiles adopt streamlined design and luxurious style.

11. Aluminum-plastic co-extruded profiles are green building materials and circular economy. Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion doors and windows in the production process will not only produce harmful materials, all materials can be recycled and reused, is a green building materials and environmental protection products, in line with human sustainable development, in line with the thirteen five-year development strategy.


12. Aluminum plastic co-extrusion opens more form, comfortable and durable. There are flat open type, introversion type, top suspension type, push-pull type, flat open and introverted combined type, etc., applicable to public buildings, residential quarters and municipal projects; high-quality hardware accessories durable, humanized operation handle design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to open Flexible, each use of the action has been tested, the number of fatigue tests up to tens of thousands of times, sliding easily and silently, mature and perfect doors and windows processing technology, high-precision program control processing center for production, quality and stability guaranteed.