Non-ferrous metals industry to achieve dynamic equilibrium of supply and demand

Since this year, non-ferrous metals industry to promote structural reform, the supply side to strengthen self-discipline, and create a good market environment, the non-ferrous metal industry production running smoothly and efficiency continue to improve general situation, basic to achieve the dynamic balance of supply and demand.
Data show that in January to October, ten kinds of non-ferrous metal production 45.22 million tons in china, increase 3.4% from last year, the growth rate increased by 2.2% year-on-year. Among them,had  7.37 million tons of copper was produced, an increase of 6.3%. Had 27.23 million tons of electrolytic aluminium was produced, growth of 3.7%, 1.1% decline over the same period of last year;The lead production was 4.18 million tons, the growth of 4.7%;had Zinc output of 5.05 million tons, down 2.1%.
Analysts believe that the aluminum industry in 2018 is expected to achieve dynamic equilibrium of supply and demand.Future undeclared irregularities capacity will be shut down, aluminium industry pattern of demand is less than the supply period, prices are expected to continue upward.