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Phenomenal Aluminum Heat Sink Profiles By Golden Apple At Your Door Step

  • goldapple
  • 2021/07/08
  • 200

The aluminum heat sink profile is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing and services sectors. It provides various benefits to its users these include lightweight, uniform surface. As the aluminum heat sink profile makes use of advanced technology it provides an efficient energy-saving effect thus reducing overall costs. A great opportunity for manufacturers to make use of a cost-efficient method. Because of its substantial performance, the aluminum heat sink profile is widely utilized in the manufacturing of air compressors, automobiles,household appliances such as iron, refrigerators, construction equipment, machinery, and various other equipment for everyday uses. We make sure to avail of one of the best processes of surface treatments for aluminum heat sink profiles to enhance its corrosion resistance feature. Our heat sink profile makes use of up-to-date and efficient sensors, higher power density, and sterling conductivity to ensure the pro efficient dissipation of heat at a fast pace making everyday life activities much easier.


Our broad range offers high quality widely known aluminum heat sink profile. These comprise of some major radiators such as electrical appliances, computer radiators, solar aluminum radiator, semi powered conductor radiator, kitchen, and household appliances


The aluminum heat sink profile is manufactured by making use of various alloys, one of the most known alloy  6063-T6 comprising of tensile strength ≥205MPa, proof stress ≥180MPa, with a HW hardness of less than equal to 1.15 some of the most common.


GOLDAPPLE Aluminum Co is a leading firm located in scenery-picturesque Pingguo County, Baise City, Guangxi Autonomous region providing high-end aluminum heat sink profiles.


With twenty years of experience in our respective fields, we consistently strive for quality for all our products and this includes aluminum heat sink profiles as well. We export more than 2000 tons globally, this includes 50 regions and various countries. Our firm is dedicated to exportation Ever since the year 2000 altogether 24 extrusion processes have taken place with the figure of 3600 being the largest one. This included two anodizing lines, one powder coated line that was horizontal and vertical. Along with this some polishing machines and wooden paper heat transfer machines.


We believe quality is the utmost concern. To ensure the consistency of our quality standards we make sure our services are provided by an upgraded system with a staff of structured, organized high professionals.


A minimum order includes 10 tomes after the samples are confirmed. Our price varies from $2200-3600 per tons. It is widely acknowledged because it is extremely cost-effective. Most of the aluminum supplies do not guarantee a long life, but our heat sink profiles include a guarantee of a long period with low maintenance costs along with high corrosion resistance, efficient strength, and durability with a better oxidation effect.



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