Portfolio of Anodised Aluminium Sheet Suppliers

With wooden prices going skyrocketing, it is no secret that aluminum profiles are being used in almost every industry. There is a need for aluminum profiles in everything whether you are looking for a construction project or looking to do some interior designing, there is an aluminum profile that fits your needs. Even in some machineries, they are using anodised aluminum sheets to reduce corrosion, increase adhesion and lubricants to make it more durable. These anodized aluminum sheets can be ordered directly from anodised aluminum sheet suppliers.

What is anodizing process for aluminum?

The anodizing itself doesn’t enhance the function of aluminum but it is an insulative layer that can be done in any preferred color. These sheets are formed in the factory and can be cut punched, folded without any damage and sent to clients or in the markets. The process of anodising is considered electrochemical. It involves taking an aluminum alloy and submerging it in a tank filled with an electrolytic solution. This solution is supposedly containing acid. The type of acid depends on the application you are looking to get, so it may change accordingly. Once submerged in the solution, an electrical current is passed through the aluminum. In the process, the aluminum serves the purpose of the anode. A anode will be the acid, lead, or aluminum mixed in the solution. A jolt of electric current will oxidize the aluminum sheet. This whole process of anodizing will leave a thick layer of aluminum oxide on aluminum sheets, which is the ultimate goal.


Pingguo Fusheng New Material Technology Co. Ltd. is the recognized anodised aluminum sheet suppliers in China. They manufacture and supply anodised aluminum sheets and aluminum profiles across the borders and in the international market. They make different types of aluminum profiles and anodised aluminum sheets to cater different needs according to their customer’s demands.

Here are some of the company’s anodized aluminum sheets.

1.Powder coating Grey color for windows and doors: Grey color is ideal for windows and doors. With good quality and moderate price, it gives the engineers and professional staff a technical advantage of designing and installing. They come in PVC, rolling up film, shrink-wrapped film, craft paper, etc. The anodized aluminum sheet provides smoothness and an anti-scratch finish, strong weather resistance, heat insulation, and shockproof abilities.

2.Aluminum Green powder coating: Aluminum green powder coating is our best service with the best quality. This type of aluminum sheet can be used in a blast furnace, extrusion line, temper machine, cutting and drilling machine, verticality and horizontal powder coating line, new anodize machine, etc. The quality control department checks each and every item before dispatch. It is because of quality assurance that many customers trust us with their massive production.

3.Extruded 6063-T5 Aluminum profile: Aluminum profiles have a lot of variety and they come with multiple finishes. There are aluminum profiles for industrial use, interior designing, pipes, and furniture. Besides these, there are thermal aluminum profiles for heat sink and solar frames. There can be different shapes and designs for them as well.