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Six advantages of aluminum alloy heat sink

  • Goldapple
  • 2017/11/16
  • 200

There are six mainly advantages of aluminum heat sink 

aluminum heat sink.jpg

1.     Corrosion resistance, long service life.The surface Aluminum Alloy material can form a layer of thick solid oxide film, can be used for a long time in the heating water is less than or equal to 9 pH or car in the water tank, and through a special surface treatment of aluminum radiator can be used in all kinds of material in pH is less than or equal to 12.

2.         All kinds of surface treatment can be carried out, the variety of color is more, and no solder joints, decorative strong, beautiful and durable, can meet the personalized requirements of people.

3.         Safe use and high pressure. The specific strength and specific stiffness of aluminum alloy are much higher than those of copper, cast iron and steel.Even in the thinner case, also can withstand enough pressure, bending force, tension and impact, in the handling, installation and use of the process, does not appear to damage phenomenon.

4.         Light weight, easy to install and carry.At the same time, the weight of the radiator is only 1/11 of the iron radiator, 1/6 of the steel radiator and 1/3 of the copper radiator, which can greatly save the transportation cost, reduce the labor intensity and save the installation time.

5.         Simple installation and convenient maintenance. Because the Aluminum Alloy density is small, and can be processed into various shapes and specifications of the components, so a large section of the aluminum radiator and neat, product assembly, surface treatment in one step, the construction site can be installed directly, save installation cost. The maintenance is convenient and the cost is low.

6.         Low energy consumption and low cost. When the radiator import and export center distance and heat conduction at the same temperature, the aluminum radiator is 2.5 times higher than the heat dissipating capacity of cast iron radiators, but also because of its beautiful appearance, without heating cover, can reduce the heat loss of more than 30%, the cost is reduced by more than 10%, the cooling effect of aluminium radiator although less copper radiator, but the weight of greatly reduce. Because the aluminum price is only 1/3 of copper price, it can greatly reduce the cost.



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