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The Best Industrial Aluminum Profile Of All Time

  • 2021/03/04
  • 200

Industrial aluminum profiles are also known as industrial aluminum extrusions and are essential when it comes to the manufacture of alloy profiles. With aluminum being the main alloy material used in making such profiles, you are sure of ease working out with such material as it is of a lightweight together with having proper properties of industrial profiles or extrusions.

The main need of using aluminum in these profiles is due to its strength while at the same time being a lightweight material. Industrial aluminum profiles are made by melting the aluminum material and having it in different section shapes as you may need or depending on the profile needs.

To ensure you get the best results and the best industrial aluminum profiles, several proportions of the alloy get added differently and hence determining the aluminum profiles produced at the end with different strengths and different properties.

Produce Specs and Features

  • The product brand is Goldapple
  • The model of this product is AP39-6063
  • Brand name of this product is Gold Apple
  • It meets the necessary standard levels through meeting several certifications. Some of the certifications this product contain include ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 10012
  • The series produced for this produce is usually of temper T3 to T8
  • Material used in manufacturing this industrial aluminum profile is an aluminum alloy that is of grade 6000 series.
  • To order from Goldapple, you will require a minimum order quantity of 10 tons after confirming the samples.
  • Thickness of the aluminum profile is usually more than 0.7mm with thickness being determined by the customers specifications on the thickness needed depending on where the aluminum profile is to be used.
  • The length of each industrial aluminum profile ranges from 1 to 8 meters.

Factors to consider in purchasing best Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Though the aluminum profiles produced undergo through a similar process, there will be differences in some other factors which might be dependent on where you are to use your industrial aluminum profiles. Below are some of the differences which are encountered on production of industrial aluminum profiles;

Hardness Level

When purchasing the industrial aluminum profile, it is essential to know the level of the hardness of the aluminum profile. Note that the hardness level will be directly proportional to the alloy’s chemical composition. The successive decrease in the hardness of the aluminum profile follows the harness level of 7000 series, 2000 series, 4000 series, 6000 series, 5000 series, 3000 series and 1000 series.

The Strength of the Aluminum Profile

Another essential factor is the strength of the aluminum profile. Different alloys should be selected depending on the pressure they will bear where they will be applied. Pure aluminum is the lowest when it comes to strength where those of treatment of 2 alloys is the highest giving the best strength such as 2000 series and 7000 series together


This is the factor which involves the cutting performance as well as forming performance. This relates to the temper of the material used. The material with the highest strength is has poor machinability while that of a lower strength is more machinability. An aluminum alloy contains a better machinability compared to that of a low-strength aluminum alloy.




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