the damage of aluminum profile surface on the glass partition

The segregation about the sundries and ingot composition which adhered on the surface of ingot should be done. If there are number of segregation content in the ingot surface, there will be lots of hard metal grains inside the ingot. And when it is in the process of extrusion, the segregation content will attach to the working tape surface and damage the working tape surface. As a result, these will eventually cause the scratch on the surface of the aluminum extrusion.
The sundries exited in the mould cavity or working tape and the mould working tape which is with low hardness make the working tape surface damaged and scratched during the extrusion process. 
The solutions about the damages of aluminum profile surface on the glass partition
Strengthen the control of the quality of the ingot casting. Improve the quality of the modular aluminum profiles. The mould also should be nitrified regularly and workers should implement the nitride process strictly. Place the aluminum profiles rationally and avoid the mutual friction between the profiles.
How to identify the quality of the aluminum profiles
The 6063 alloy mainly is made of aluminum, magnesium and the silicon as the major element. And each element has a range of content. As for magnesium. Some aluminum Chinese aluminum extrusions decrease the amount of magnesium to a minimum content so as to reduce costs. What’s more, some aluminum profile manufacturers add the waste electric wire, aluminum scrap and waste aluminum pot into the alloy which leads to the low aluminum mechanical strength. This is the one of the reasons why some aluminum profiles can be thousands of yuan cheaper.