Chinese aluminium extrusion is method of smelting metallic aluminum, which typically decomposes the aluminum oxide by a high current in the electrolytic cell.


Aluminum ingots are divided into high purity aluminum ingots, aluminum ingots and remelting aluminum ingots according to the composition of different points; and according to shape and size, those can be divided into round ingot, plate ingot, ingot, T-ingot and so on.

Chinese aluminium extrusion is one silvery white metal, ranking third only to oxygen and silicon in the crust. The density of aluminum is small, so called light metal. Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal with a high yield and usage, second only to steel in the world. The density of aluminum is about 1/3 of the density of copper and copper. Due to the light weight of aluminum, it is commonly used in the manufacture of land, sea and air transport vehicles such as trains, subways, automobiles, airplanes, ships and rockets to reduce the weight and increase the loading capacity. Similarly, aluminum also has significant influence on military products.

Chinese aluminium extrusion, also known as aluminum oxide, was white powder. Primary aluminum is showing as liquid in the electrolysis process, without treatment such as precipitation. The primary aluminum can become an aluminum ingot by cooling into the cast aluminum ingot mold body. Therefore, alumina is the raw material of decomposing the aluminum liquid, while the electrolyzing aluminum is working as the process. The primary aluminum is the aluminum liquid in the electrolysis process, and the aluminum ingot is an aluminum product available on the market.

Electrolytic aluminum is obtained by electrolyzing the aluminum. Modern electrolytic aluminum production adopts cryolite – alumina melt-salt electrolysis method, which means molten cryolite is a solvent, alumina is as a solute, carbon is as an anode, and aluminum liquid is as a cathode, with the temperature of 950 ℃-970 ℃and high strong direct current.