The rise of the new middle class, aluminum doors and windows enterprises into a period of change

According to the latest U.S. Brooking Institution data show: the new middle Chinese in 2009 -2020 years 11 years increased by 5 times, and this growth in 2020 -2030 years 10 years there will be nearly 5 times the growth rate. This shows the rise of China’s middle class, and the rise of the new middle class, the aluminum door and window enterprises, their influence is constantly expanding. In such a state of the trend, how to serve the middle class is the most important task of the aluminum doors and windows enterprises.
For aluminum doors and windows enterprise, the biggest impact is to be “high quality and inexpensive” mass production products have been unable to please the new middle class, their middle and the wave of 60, 70 after the demand is completely different, not only high quality products, but also the green environmental protection, and requires a personalized fashion, for them to buy the product. Should bring not only the value of the product itself, but more should be a kind of enjoyment and life attitude.
Aluminum Alloy doors and windows products consumption driven by the new middle new demand in the past one or two years is imperceptibly changing Aluminum Alloy doors and windows industry, the store from the top-down green chain drive, Aluminum Alloy and enterprises will also entered a period of change and adjustment.
Therefore, the aluminum doors and windows enterprise to make strategic adjustment, flow. As everyone knows, the upgrading of consumption trend is increasingly evident, the upgrading of consumption is also driving a change in consumer demand, the consumer is gradually younger ages brought to the style change in demand; the other one is the change of demand. In view of the changes in the two major demand points, the strategy of aluminum door and window enterprises is to continuously introduce the elements in line with the trend of young people in the style, and secondly, to continuously strengthen the functional scientific and technological innovation.
Now, with the rise in consumption, the rapid rise of the new middle class has made the new generation of mainstream consumers increasingly keen on the consumer experience. At present, the aluminum extrusion manufacturers enterprises in transition should pay attention to brand building, and enhance product quality and service. At the same time, we should increase product innovation and develop potential markets. Only in this way can we seize the heart of the new middle class and provide more growth momentum for the enterprise.