The seven trends about aluminum door and window

aluminum door and window market will maintain a steady growth trend
Construction has become the consumption hotspots and the economic growth point in China. The domestic demand will increase gradually. With the promotion of the Beijng Olympics, Shanghai World Exposition, the west development, revitalization of the northeast, the transformation of cities and the new town construction. The overall aluminum door and window and aluminum curtain wall market will maintain a steady growth trend.
The main force of technological innovation and market development 
At present, door and window and curtain wall industry has formed the technology innovation system which is with more than 100 large companies. The value of industrial output of these large-sized key enterprises accounts for about 61% of the gross value of industrial output. These enterprises establish a good market image for the whole industry , become the main force of technological innovation and market development.
the proportion of the energy efficient and environment friendly 
The aluminum alloy curtain wall still gives priority to the exposed framing curtain wall, hidden framing curtain wall and aluminum curtain wall. The aluminum alloy double intelligent visor curtain wall will mature and develop gradually. Impacted by energy saving policy and energy crisis, the proportion of the energy efficient and environment friendly aluminum door and curtain wall uses will improve greatly.
Environment protection and energy saving will become the theme
With the higher requirement for the living environment, green consumption has become the guiding idea which dominates the building consumption market. Green consumption has brought the huge green business opportunities. In order to meet the demand for the green consumption and develop the high performance and high technology curtain wall, we not only should think the architectural appearance, but also connect the integrated design of curtain wall with the ecological environment.  
With the differences between aluminum door& window and curtain wall products small, competition will be more intense.
As the door and window, curtain wall industry has come into the initial autumn stage. The competition is more intense, which results in the lower profits of many enterprises. 
Matthew Effect will appear in many enterprises.
All of them make the competitive environment get worse and worse. On the one hand, the large enterprises can increase the possibilities that access to the big projects. On the other hand, the medium and small-sized enterprises can be combined with their own advantages and find the short, flat and fast project.
The product development will be more rational
According to the characteristics of the local climate, demand of the local cultural and the economic development status, enterprises should comprehensively analyze and guide the product development and they also should introduce the international advanced technology and materials.