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Try the Gold Apple Seamless Aluminium Pipe for your doors and windows

  • goldapple
  • 2020/09/27
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Goldapple, is an aluminum pipe manufacturer that specializes in the design and production of  top-grade powder-spraying aluminum profiles and Chinese aluminum extrusions. Located in the picturesque Pingguo County, we are China’s leading producer and exporter of aluminium profiles. With our advanced production technology, and more than a decade of experience in the field of aluminium profile processing we develop and patent new products on a regular basis.  


These pipes, produced from an aluminium alloy, comes in a thickness of 1-50mm, and can be adjusted to suit the needs of our clients. The seven production lines at our factory consist of three double-acting extruders above 50MN that include a double-acting forward 75MN and 100MN extruder and a double-acting reverse 55MN extruder that can extrude large-size thin-walled seamless pipes. We also have four extruders under 20MN, that along with drawing, rolling and roll straightening equipment can produce small-size high-precision thin-walled pipes with precision and accuracy. Our seamless aluminum alloy pipes are mainly used in the petroleum and chemical industries for piping, as they are reliably less corrosive than other metals. Our pipes are also commonly used for the manufacturing of high-pressure containers. The thin-walled pipes manufactured by cold processing, are also used in military products such as aircraft construction and radar technology.


One of our best selling products is the seamless aluminium pipe, commonly used in the construction of doors and windows. These pipes come in a thickness of 1mm, at a length of 7m-14m. They have a diameter of 22-440mm, depending on the needs of the customer. Produced by our  sophisticated production technology and advanced equipment, these pipes are produced with high precision, increased strength as well as corrosion and wear resistance to ensure a better build with a longer life. Following metallurgical structure inspection, each load comes with a certificate of quality from China’s number one aluminium pipe manufacter.


Minimum orders of 10 tons can be made via Goldapple's website. Once an order is placed, shipment can be prepared in either cube packaging, with a wooden pallet bottom or as steel band bundling. All shipments can be made either from the Huanpu / Foshan or Shenzhen ports for sea shipping or can be shipped via train or road, depending on the needs of the customer. For more information, customers are advised to visit our website, or give us a call. Our experienced and trained sales staff are standing by to assist you with any questions or queries, or to assist you with the placement of orders.


As a renowned aluminium pipe manufacturer, we recommend our products to you with confidence. Our quality production and customer service has rendered us a reliable and trustworthy aluminium pipe manufacturer, firstly in China and secondly in the rest of the world. So for your next construction job, consider contacting us for some expert advice and quality products. Our aluminium pipes will not disappoint you or your clients.



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