Unceasing Supply Reform,Unceasing aluminum price

Recently,aluminum plate market reflects the policy expeculation and increase of aluminum price,but standing in the current point,we do think the plate will be considerable in the next 1 or 2 seasons.

Firstly,supply reform had been completed steadly and might be over the expectations.For example,illegal act on capacity data and alternation production limts are over the expectations.According to the guideline of environment policy,it’s likely to fulfill severely and leads to speed up the shortage.


Secondly,the increase power of aluminum price is full.The large stock worried by market will be shortened.

The lastest figures shows that China aluminum production in Jul.are decline rapidly,and given to the hot opening season in Sep.,it’s possible to see the stock might be turning in the end of Aug.We think optismitically that the aluminum price might be up to RMB20000/ton.