What Alloy Is Aluminum Heat Sink?

As the most abundant metal element in the earth, as the progress of science and technology, the degree of exploitation and utilization of aluminum is increasing. First of all, in the case of an aluminum heat sink, the reason why aluminum is selected as a processed section during the manufacturing process is due to the fact that its own advantage is that the aluminum is light, corrosion-resistant, good in thermal conductivity, and non-magnetic.


Since the density of aluminum is only 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, corresponding to one third of the steel and copper density, it directly determines its light weight characteristics. By virtue of the light quality, the mass of aluminum heat sink is lighter in the manufacture of aluminum heat sink, which is very helpful to reduce the volume occupation space of the whole heat dissipation scheme. Secondly, because the aluminum heat sink often needs to be stationed in an equipment for more than ten years, and the aluminum heat sink is often in direct contact with the core parts of the equipment, which means that the metal characteristics of the profile used in the manufacture of aluminum heat sink must be stable. However, aluminum can form a dense oxide film on the surface of the radiator, which can prevent the further corrosion in the interior, which makes the aluminum heat sink have corrosion resistance. Then, for the aluminum heat sink, this is the most important index, that is, the thermal conductivity of the profile. For aluminum profiles, the thermal conductivity is 204 W (m. K). Compared with other profiles such as steel, the thermal conductivity of aluminum profiles is faster and the effect is better. In the end, it’s a very important point, that is, aluminum is non-magnetic. This is why the heat dissipation inside many electronic devices is the first choice foraluminum heat sink. As the aluminum is not magnetic and the aluminum heat sink made of it has been added to all types of equipment, especially in some specially-feared magnetic devices, the advantages of the aluminum heat sink are highlighted. The four advantages of thealuminum heat sink make the aluminum heat sink get a lot of attention from the market. At present, in many aluminum workpiece processing enterprises, there are many enterprises engaged in the manufacture of aluminum heat sink.


At present, for many enterprises engaged in aluminum heat sink manufacturing, whether the sawing section is smooth or not, it is very important. In particular, for those manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of computer processor radiators, controlling the smoothness of sawing section will be related to the future development of enterprises. At present, in order to solve the personal problems, and at the same time take into account the task quantity and quality of sawing, and to ensure that the cross section of sawing can do no burr, the use of automatic aluminum cutting machine is a more mature solution at present. In the production of aluminum heat sink, due to the equipment factors of sawing, we can often see the problem of burr in the sawing section of aluminum radiator, and the guarantee of daily output is also one of the difficulties.