What are the advantages of aluminum window integrated screens?

Window screens are based on the aluminum doors and windows, in order to improve the window anti-mosquito and anti-theft performance, which launched the aluminum doors and windows series. It has all the advantages of ordinary thermal break aluminum doors and windows, with good sound insulation effect, high-level water and air tightness. Using a new two-way open method.

The advantages of analysis:

1, thermal insulation

The use of thermal break aluminum profiles frame, using good silicon seals, keep air tightness, and water tightness performance is particularly good, excellent insulation properties; sash with hollow glass structure, the window shows the sound insulation, heat insulation, Insulation function is excellent, a lot of savings heating and cooling costs.

2, water-proof function

The use of pressure balance principle design of a structural drainage system, excellent water tightness.

3, sound insulation

Its structure has been carefully designed seams tight, to achieve sound insulation 30 – 40db, to ensure that the residents on both sides of the highway within 50 meters from noise interference, adjacent to the downtown can also ensure that the indoor quiet and warm.

4, screens design

Stealth screens, can choose to install inside and outside, with anti-mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other effects, especially for the northern and southern mountain mosquito areas, but also choose anti-theft screens, with anti-theft function.

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