What are the common senses of aluminum doors and windows?

1. What is an ordinary aluminum alloy profile?

It is the inner and outer air-free layer, the inner and outer colors can only be the same, and the surface is sprayed and treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

2. What is a broken aluminum alloy profile? What are its advantages?

It is divided into two ends during the processing, and then the two ends are connected into a whole by PA66 nylon strips to form three layers of air layers. The inner and outer conductors are not conductors. The inner and outer colors can be arbitrarily selected, and the appearance and performance are good, forming an energy-saving effect.

3. What is the difference between ordinary aluminum alloy profiles and broken aluminum alloy profiles?

Ordinary aluminum profiles are conductors, heat transfer and heat dissipation are relatively fast; the ends of the broken aluminum profiles are connected with PA66 nylon strips to form three layers of air, with no con

ductor inside and outside, the different temperature difference between inside and outside, and diversified colors.




4. What is insulating glass? What is the K value of the aluminum door and window of the broken bridge? What is the K value of ordinary aluminum doors and windows? What is the sound insulation?

Insulating glass is to seal two or more glass edges together, and the glass is treated with a desiccant. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass is different.

5. What is safety glass? When is the use of safety glass?

That is, after the glass is treated at a high temperature, the quality changes and the strength of the glass is enhanced. Even if the glass is broken into small particles, it does not hurt people. Safety glass should be used for aluminum alloy doors and windows in the following cases:

(1) Glass for floor spring door;

(2) The window glass area is larger than 1.5m2; The framed glass area of the framed door is greater than 0.5m2;

(3) Floor-to-ceiling windows with a glass bottom edge less than 500mm from the final decoration surface;

(4) Frameless door and window glass;

(5) Public building entrance and exit doors;

(6) the door of a kindergarten or other children’s activity venue;

(7) inclined window, skylight;

(8) Outer opening windows of 7th and 7th floors.

6. What is LOW-E glass? What are its advantages?

 LOW-E glass, also known as low-radiation heat-reflecting glass, is a film coated on the surface of the glass, which blocks the ultraviolet light and raises or lowers the temperature inside and outside, which is a protective effect on the human body.

7. What is a hollow hundred-page glass? What material is the page? What is the age of use?

 It is to install metal aluminum sheets in the hollow glass, which is controlled by magnetic force. It can be used for 20,000 times for about 20 years. The advantage is clean, hygienic and no cleaning.

8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of insulating glass, LOW-E glass, and hollow hundred-page glass?

 Insulating glass is energy-saving; LOW-E glass is UV-resistant; hollow hundred-page glass is convenient, direct sunlight and increased privacy.

9. What is the wall thickness of aluminum alloy window profiles? What is the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy door profile?

 The wall thickness of the main force part of the window profile is not less than 1.4mm, and the upper layer reaches more than 20 layers. The thickness of the profile can be increased. The wall thickness of the main force part of the door profile is not less than 2.0mm. This is the national standard that meets the requirements of wind pressure resistance. Single doors and windows can be thicker than 3-4 square meters and can be added to the column.

10. What is the system door and window? Where is its origin?

 The system door and window originated in Europe. Through years of use, the design of the door and window is considered to be closed and energy-saving. The system door and window are the system company adopts the integrated door and window system solution, and has made a clear commitment to the performance and quality indicators of the product. It needs to consider water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, Anti-theft, sunshade. A series of important functions such as weather resistance and handling feel, as well as the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, fittings, glass, adhesives, and seals.

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