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What Is Aluminum Formwork?

  • goldapple-alu
  • 2019/12/02
  • 200

First of all, aluminum alloy template has a lot of advantages which gives great credit to the building of aluminum formwork. For example, the aluminum alloy building formwork has high strength, high precision and fewer seams on the board surface because of its lightweight. Aluminum alloy building formwork is also easy to assemble by hand into pieces and then hoisted by mechanical as a whole, and is applied to wall formwork, horizontal floor slabs, columns, beams, climbing forms, and other templates. What’s more, it has a high residual value and obvious cost advantage.

The aluminum alloy formwork system is customized according to the engineering construction and structural construction drawings, and the standard size formwork components required for the deepening design and industrial processing of the drawings (about 80% of the entire stencil system) and the non-standard components used in conjunction with the actual project (about 20%) ). The main keel is made of a square steel backing, the vertical pole adopts φ48mm adjustable support steel pipe, and the template is fixed by pin.


After the design of the template system is completed, the pre-assembly is completed in the factory according to the design drawings. After the acceptance of each unit, all the template components are divided and sub-units are marked accordingly. Then package and transfer to the construction site for sorting. After the on-site template materials are in place, they are installed separately according to the template number “check-in seat”. After the installation is in place, adjust the verticality of the template, the vertical adjustable support to adjust the horizontal elevation of the template and the manual hoist control external wall and The offset of the elevator shaft formwork; the rigidity and overall stability of the formwork system are ensured by the through-wall pulling screw and the backing. After the strength of the concrete reaches the strength specified by the demoulding, the vertical support is retained, and the wall formwork, the beam side formwork, and the floor formwork are removed in order, and the cycle construction of the next layer is quickly entered.

The standard period of completion of the aluminum mold from the deepening design to the trial assembly acceptance lasts about 60 days. The drawings and plans provided to the aluminum mold factory include architectural drawings, structural drawings, renovation plans, hydroelectric diagrams, external frame plans, pay-off holes, and distribution positions; drawings shall be issued by the project department, and relevant issuance recording. After the completion of the deep drawing, the aluminum mold factory will send the drawings to the project department, design department, regional engineering and technical department, wallboard factory, general contractor and other units. The project department is responsible for organizing all units to participate in the joint meeting for confirmation. And then after the completion of the aluminum mold processing and assembly, the project department, general contractor, supervision, and regional engineering and technical department shall confirm the aluminum mold joints, the reinforcement system, the dimensional deviation, and the pressure groove at the window (beam, wall). The questions should be submitted by mail and sent to relevant personnel.

In the construction process of the main structure of the building, the measured quality and structural perception of the structure has always been the main point and difficulty of engineering quality control. 



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